Tuesday, 15 November 2011

An unexpected direction

It has been a eventful week on the housing front and some big decisions were made. It looks as though the house we started with at the beginning of this week, will hardly be recognisable by the end of the next. If you have not guessed it already, I am on about the bricks again.

A site meeting with our SS on Monday was my absolute melting point. We were at the point where a walk around the exterior of the house had become painful and it felt as though this company were just not listening to us. The bricks are in bad shape and we could see no way that they could all be fixed. After a mini meltdown at the SS, which I do feel a bit bad about, as the poor guy has only been with the company a few weeks, We walked through the house and pointed out both the bricks and a few minor issues. We left with the knowledge that the bricks would be addressed with the owner.

The following day we were called into the office to discuss our brick problem. They offered to have the house rendered, using a product called Moroka (bag and paint) at no additional cost. This is not what we wanted. We had always imagined building a brick home and we love the bricks we chose, we watched the house grow from the ground up and loved the way it looked from a distance.

Unfortunately the reality is, the bricks up close were terrible and it was at the point that we could not even look at the house without a few curse words coming to mind. So with that mind we made the decision to accept the offer and go ahead with the Moroka. There are still a few brick repairs to be done but they are relatively minor and should not take too long to rectify we are told. Moroka will hopefully begin on the weekend.

We are still wary of the work to be completed and really hope that they do it a higher standard than we received from the brickie, we are also nervous that our final bill will be excessive as a way to recoup the cost of the Moroka. I guess it is a risk that we just have to take.

We are appreciative that One Three have finally listened to our complaints and have taken action to end this headache once and for all. We never expected that our house would be rendered, especially only weeks away from handover but such is life and now we can move on.

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