Sunday, 11 December 2011

It's Ours!!!!!

As the headline suggests we finally have our keys. Our handover went well on Wednesday, only a few problems were identified and the SS informs us that most of these issues will be rectified prior to Christmas.

We got the Keys on Wednesday and moved on Thursday. We are both so lacking in time at the moment that it was all done in a mad rush. By 12pm Thursday afternoon, we were done. 3 days later and the house is completely unpacked. Only a big pile of empty boxes remains. Inside the only thing left to do is hang some art work, photos and a mirror and outside the work has begun.

The excavator came on Saturday to dig out the driveway and remove an incredible amount of concrete that had been poured all over the front yard (another gift from One Three). We set up our camp chairs and a little picnic in the garage and our boys watched with delight as the digger scrapped and smashed his way through our yard and we all enjoyed a little laugh when the beach toys we left in the pile of dirt, were gobbled up by the digger and at that moment I realised how good it felt to be home.

We are also making some progress out the back. For such a tiny yard the work seems endless. We have began levelling out the yard to our desired height and digging a trench to erect a retaining wall inside the fence. As we will be doing all the work ourselves progress will be slow but we will get there. It is very hard living in a white house with 2 small kids and a whole lot of dirt so we are counting down the seconds until the driveway and grass arrive.

This has been a very long process for us, one that until now, has provided us with very little joy. The quality is not what we were expecting but we can not change that now. The design suits our needs perfectly and we are enjoying being in the house but if we could make the decision over we would not have Built with One Three. The drama we experienced throughout this build was stressful and unnecessary. We are both very glad to be moving on from building and turning this house into a home full of happy memories.

No photos for now as we are still lacking phone and Internet connections but We will post some very soon.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

On the countdown again.

As the title suggests Our inspection was postponed not once, not twice but yes 3 times. We are now looking at Wednesday 7th December as our new Handover date, 8 days post contract.
Since that initial inspection was cancelled we have learnt that One Three do things a little differently. Our final inspection is also the day we get the keys. So providing things go to plan (for the 3rd attempt) we will be getting our keys in 3 days.

The house is basically finished and the only thing that is really holding us up is a missing shower screen (which is very frustrating because this really should not be an issue) and after what seemed like a million phone calls we managed to get the gas connected in only 3 days (huge thank you for the awesome guys at Carmine services for that one).

Media room finished.
Just some furniture and plantation shutters to go

600 x 600 porcelain tiles

Through to the alfresco

The Moroka is on and while it looks OK, It is hard to see past the disappointment that has come with it. It is not that I think it looks bad but to me it just seems so obvious that it was an afterthought, it looks a little mismatched and at this point I just don't like it, hopefully that will change as time goes by and I get used to seeing our house it's new form. My ever passive husband is a little more positive so hopefully i will come around too.

Getting ready for the Moroka.
Unfortunately we do not have a photo of the finished product 

Driveway has been booked to start next week and the retaining wall will also be getting started in our incredibly tiny backyard so fingers crossed it all goes to plan this time.