Friday, 28 October 2011

2 steps forward 10 steps back

Considering it has been 3 weeks since our last post you would think that we would have so much to report but in typical One Three style, that is not the case. In the 3 weeks since we spoke, I can count the number of tasks completed on one hand. Front door handle installed, Bathroom, laundry and alfresco floors tiled and shower recesses repaired TWICE (the first attempt was that spectacularly pathetic I could have fixed it better myself) DONE!!!!

It is hard to sit at a computer write about everything going on and read it back. After a few lines the frustration kicks in and delete seems the easiest option. I still can't find the energy to outline all the problems. so here is the update for the week ahead. None of which we are actually expecting to happen of course.

 - Tiler to return by mid week (we have already been given 2 weeks of excuses why he has not been there) The tilers should also provide the vanities sometime in the near future, although when exactly no one knows.
 - A new bricklayer should be on site to repair the many dodgy bricks for the 3rd time (some of which are now causing our front windows to leak)
 - The pillar at the front should be rectified - using maple to match the front door and the new sandstone paver we purchased for the capping.
 - The garage door may arrive - If not this week than next week
Floor Tiling complete in the laundry.
Disappointed to see there is no floor waste

Ensuite floor partially tiled

                                                   The pillar should be fixed by next week

Kitchen bench top installed and we are not happy with it.

The last 3 weeks have been a really difficult time for our family and determination is starting to outweigh our frustration. Numerous calls to both fair trading and the building professionals board have given us a better understanding of what our rights are regarding a few issues that really have not been siting too well with us, they were interested to hear what we had to say and confirmed that we are not just over reacting. We are having a battle once again, with the certifiers our builder uses and this time we will not be letting it go.

While the building has been a nightmare I feel the need to end  on a happy note. Our blinds and shutters have now been ordered and Should be ready around the time that we are hoping to move in. Our fences are all up courtesy of the house and land packages surrounding us and they do not look too bad considering the massive difference between the lay of our blocks. The driveway quotes are underway and have come in considerably cheaper that expected.

Hopefully we will come out of next week with something positive report. until then Happy building to you all.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

lock up

We are now in lock up and happy that our house is closer to being finished.

Our front door is on and waiting for a handle and it's stain. Tiles have been delivered and should start on Monday, which we can only imagine was delayed by the fact that someone forgot to put our shower recesses in (to us it looks like it has not even been framed up). We have lots of tiles, due to our 3 way bathrooms and we will have to talk to the tiler about the feature tilling, as I'm still not sure they have ordered enough tiles for our recesses and under the vanity mirrors.  

A few other issues to address, Firstly our brick work is still showing signs of poor workmanship, above the sliding door, the bricks appear to be Out of level by about 20/30mm, also the step outside the Dining room sliding door is so poorly constructed, it looks like the bricklayer has used nothing but off cuts. 
Hard to see in the photo but so far off level it is crazy

No explanation needed. We are wondering if this guy is even licencesed

Is anyone supervising this bricklayer????

The bricklayer will be back next week to fix the Porch pillar that fell over. Hopefully he won't bugger anything else up while he is on site, although his past incompetence has made us very wary. While a certain level of blame can easily be laid on  the brick layer, a big portion of this fault surely needs to be directed at our site supervisor.
Crack in the trim around or eaves.

We have other exciting things happening this week like an under budget driveway quote, blinds and shutters almost ordered and fencing nearly arranged but once again we seem to be more focused of fixing what should have been done right in the first place.

Our number one tip to all new home builders is Do Not trust that your builder will do the right thing by you. This is big business and they want to make big money. You are not as important as your progress payments!!!

Thoroughly check every stage, even when you think you are on top of it, look again, ask and outsider, they are always far more capable of being critical. Consider this another lesson learnt.