Sunday, 6 November 2011

Making an effort

As expected Tiling has continued. Unfortunately not without problems. The vanity tops were installed and one of them only had a hole for a single basin not a double as required and only a skirting tile was installed into the bathroom area.
Ensuite is going to have a double basin not a single

Marble Mosaic Feature Tile - Mirror to go above then be tiled around

To the credit of our SS the issues were resolved quickly, a new vanity top has been ordered and they agreed to tile to the ceiling in the bathroom. This is what we have always hoped for - quick action. We never expected this build to be problem free but a quick response goes a long way to settling an irate customer.

 Area of the bathroom that will now have floor to ceiling tiling -
You can see where the skirting tiles have been pulled off

We got the chance to have a sneak peak inside and the tiling looks great. We are not very decorative people and really have no sense of style but for 2 novices it has come together really well. Best of all it appears to be of a decent quality.

 Bathroom tiling to the ceiling almost complete

Our SS advised that he has not forgotten about fixing the pillar out the front and will be getting to it soon. The tilers are expecting to be finished by Tuesday and the painter is scheduled to arrive sometime this coming week and hallelujah we have a site clean up scheduled for Monday. I hate that our house looks ugly because of the dump out the front and the neighbours are not pleased about it either. so good ridden to that mess.

Splash back tiles on the floor ready to go

It is great to see some action happening at the house and to see One Three really putting in an effort to satisfy their customer, although saying that they still have a long way to go before we could ever say that we are happy to have built with them.

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