Thursday, 3 November 2011

Better late than never.

Peering through the windows today I noticed that our long awaited vanities have now arrived. One has been installed in the ensuite and the other has taken up residence in the lounge room. LOVE LOVE LOVE them, even though the Stone top has not been put on yet.

The tilers are actually there and underway. The bathroom is looking good so far, although I am extremely concerned about how much tiling they intend to do, as part of what we consider to be our bathroom and an area we were assured would have floor to ceiling tiling appears to only have a single layer edge. The laundry also appears to be experiencing some technical difficulties however this issue should be easily rectified when addressed.

Happy to see some progress but very wary of getting excited. I will wait until I get a closer look before I consider it finished. with only 27 days left in our contract we can not afford anymore delays.

Unfortunately no photos, as it was quick visit after work but we will make sure we have some to post next time.

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