Friday, 11 November 2011

Excitment vs Apprehension

 After a much needed holiday, we returned to visit our house and found that the most work to have ever been done in an entire week had occurred. Surprisingly our SS informed us that we can expect to be finished by the end of contract, in 2 and a half weeks.

We were greeted with a site clean which both us and the neighbours are very pleased with. I forgot what our front yard actually looked like.

The pillar out the front now looks as we had always expected it too, We are very pleased that we were persistent with this as it now suits the house well.

Maple post, sandstone paver and no ugly plastic cap.
Finally happy with it. YAY!
The painter with his numerous helpers was on site and was well underway. He assured that all the work would be complete by Monday. The colour is lighter than it looks in the brochure but there is still another coat so we will wait and see how it comes up finished, although saying that we still think it looks great. Very pleased with the stain on the front door.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this door.
Worth every penny of the additional cost.

Still another coat to go - Taubmans Altair

Did not realise so much stuff was needed to paint a house.
Real proof some work is happening.
No one brings this much stuff for a couple of hours work

Tiling still did not get finished and this appears to continuing down the same path as the bricks. They are scheduled to be back next week to finish off the bathrooms and start the epic job of laying our floor tiles. Fingers crossed they can keep themselves on track for once.

Tilers with attitude
Bathroom still not quite there.Not sure why they tiled
behind where the mirror will sit

Bricks are still in need of repair and We are not even sure how they are going to achieve this, every time we take a look around the outside of the house we notice more poorly laid, crappy looking bricks. SS assures us that they will be fixed though, so it think this will just be a wait and see thing for now.

Expected happenings for next week. As mentioned, the tilers will hopefully show up and stay on task to get all tiling, including the floors finished off. The garage door is to be installed and the electrical fit out should happen (although I spoke to the electrician today and he has no idea where the build is up to). It will be very exciting if they can pull this off, saying goodbye to the concrete floors will be very pleasing.

With November 29th pencilled in as a handover date, we really want to be excited but as we have mentioned so many times before, we have been let down by time frames at every stage of this build and until the tilers are out of the way and the bricks are repaired we do not want to get our hopes up. Disappointment is a hard feeling to shake and we don't want to go there again. Pessimism has served us well through this build and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

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