Sunday, 27 November 2011

PCI Tuesday

PCI has been booked for Tuesday. With what appeared to be a list of jobs a mile long to complete, we were holding little hope the inspection would even go ahead. Today I am feeling a little more optimistic.

A chat with the tiler has calmed my frustration about the continuous delays and confirmed that tiling will definitely be complete by tomorrow lunch time . The sun has been shining and we are also hoping to see the Moroka go on Tomorrow. The only outstanding issue that our SS admits may hold things up is the shower screen. Yes you heard correctly, a shower screen. After all the drama this house has given us, it will be a shower screen that stands between us and our keys!!! Frustration times a million at this point.

We are also having an issue with the fact that we have no gas connection. For all you builders out there a gas connection takes 40 days to come through. It would have been nice for our builder to tell us this. Without gas we can not cook, clean, shower or most importantly test our appliances. Another possible hold up.

We have snuck a look inside the house and we are really loving what we see. Especially now the tiles have gone down. There are a few things that we are already wishing we had done differently but for those we have only ourselves to blame and i guess we will live and learn.

For now we just have our fingers crossed that the bad weather holds off long enough to apply the Moroka and my phone call to AGL can bring a resolution to the gas issue.

Wish us luck in our countdown to handover because I think we need it.

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