Saturday, 11 June 2011

Finally some progress.

So our block was scheduled to be cut the Tuesday before last but alas it rained and continued to do so for the entire week so it was rescheduled. So this Tuesday (5days ago) the rain was nowhere to be seen and the sun was shinning. We drove past in the afternoon to the very pleasing sight of a beautifully level patch of dirt. A call from our SS confirmed what we already new and yes construction has begun.

In the last 5 days we have been really happy with the progress. The levelling of the block is better than what we had expected (the slab of the neighbours house sits about a metre and a half off the ground and had us a little worried) The piering was completed and frame work for the slab was done on Thursday. On Friday our SS confirmed that the Waffle pods and rio had started going down and would be completed yesterday along with the SLAB POUR. It would need a week to cure and the frame was scheduled to arrive and start going up next Wednesday.

Well surprise surprise it rained again so the slab was not poured. The tradies we spoke to on site, said they would be back Wednesday providing it was not raining, so fingers crossed we see the finished slab this coming week.

                                          View from the front of the block before work began

                                                                        And another

                                                                 Digging to level the block

                                                                         Nice and flat

                                             The rear neighbour is much lower than us

                                                                    Piering complete       

                                                                           and again
                                                         Form work for the slab under way

Slab all ready for the pour hopefully in a few days time

Looking at the slab frame work all complete, the house looks tiny (which at 250m2 it isn't). As we did not end up going for a project home we have no idea how our house is going to look or feel, so we are really keen for the slab to be down just so we can walk on it and really start to get a feel for the house.

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