Sunday, 29 May 2011

Finally a start date.

It has been almost 2 weeks since our builder received our construction certificate. We were hoping that something would have happened on the block already but apart from a new construction sign and a mound of rocks for a mock driveway, we really did not see any action. Visiting the site almost daily and hoping for some work was starting to be really disappointing.

On the bright side I heard from our SS Scott on Friday and he informed me that we were scheduled to have the block cut on Tuesday (It is relatively flat block so not a great deal of work is involved) and then the peiring should happen Wednesday. If all goes well the Slab should be complete by next Friday, which is in 2 weeks time. WOO HOO! after sitting there, completely untouched for almost 9 months, there will be some concrete evidence that my life will someday return to normal.

So here we go 26 weeks and counting (although my faith in this time frame is very limited) Let the Building Begin!!!!!

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