Sunday, 19 June 2011

Consider this a lesson learned

Thought we would make the most of a sunny day at 8.30 this morning and decided to take a nice little walk around a newly laid slab, so we snuck on site, which was incredibly easy considering the side fence was left open. Armed with a tape measure we started to get a bit of an idea about what size all our rooms will be and the position of our kitchen.

Unfortunately our little man was more interested in the mud on the ground and ended up taking a tumble into a big pile of it. Stripped to nothing but a singlet it seemed like a good idea to wash his hands under the tap. Instead of turning it on my darling husband snapped it. OOPS!!! Needless to say we did the sensible thing and fled the scene of the crime.

2 calls to Sydney water and 7 hours later someone was on site fixing it. Have not been back to assess the final damage and not sure i want to. At my last check water was half way up the slab and slowly flooding the neighbours block. Do not even want to imagine what another 3 hours of a busted water main can do.

If by some crazy chance our neighbours are reading this i apologise immensely for filling your newly dug out block with water. I also recommend you complain to your builder about digging you into a giant hole, because honestly we do stupid crap like this all the time and I can not confidently say that we will not flood our house again at some point in the future. I do however promise that none of us will touch the construction tap again!!!

On a completely unrelated note. We recieved an invoice for our next progress payment and quite frankly it scared the socks off me. Although, after the initial shock of recieving such an epic bill wore off, the exictement kicked in. Money means progress. Bring on the frame!!

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