Friday, 17 June 2011

Best looking slab on the street.

I received a call at work at about 8am this morning, it was my husband calling to inform me that he was at the block and the workers were already there pouring the slab. After a short celebration it was back to work but the moment I finished, I was over there to see for myself, the progress that had been made. To say that I was delighted was an understatement. Also ran into our SS on site which was the first time we have actually met him. Seems like a nice enough guy but I guess only time will tell if he is any good at his job.

I looked around expecting that deflated "it's so small'' feeling but instead i was pleasantly surprised with the size of the slab and best of all our backyard did not look as small as what i was expecting. I mean it is still small, so small in fact, we could probably cut the grass with a pair of scissors in no time at all but I am now confident that we can at least squeeze in a clothes line.

We may be a little bias but it really is the best slab on the street. We have absolutely no dirt to remove, the land has been leveled almost completely to the fence line (just enough space left so we can retain the rear fence line before it collapses) which makes for easy landscaping (aka rolling out turf) and we sit above or in line with our neighbours, which means no nasty run off or flooding like our last house. So far so good. Keep this up One Three and we will be very happy house builders.

Slab will now cure for a week. Plumbers will come next Monday to connect pipes then frame is scheduled for Wednesday. Fingers crossed we don't lose another week to the rain. (photos to come as the computers card reader has decided to stop working)

Until then happy building!

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