Saturday, 16 July 2011

The week that was

So this week, once again, has seen only one day of work at the house, as has every other week since the build began. Really starting to get annoyed now.

Roof trusses that were scheduled to go up  on Monday actually started on Tuesday, did not get finished and no one has been back on site since. Bricks also failed to show up yesterday due to the incredible amount of roof truss puzzle pieces laying all over the front of our site.

So the excuse from our SS this week. The carpenters were called away for an emergency job. What may I ask is a carpentry emergency??????????? When I questioned why no more than one day of work had happened each week since the start of the build, I was told the weather had been an issue. If the weather was such an issue why is the house behind us whose slab was laid 1 week after ours, got their roof on and half of their bricking complete. I am beginning to think that their is more than one person in this company that has no idea what they are doing!!

                                          Roof trusses on site ready to go

Getting started

and where they left it

and a few more

half a roof and a big mess of bits and pieces

The alleged plan for this week is to see the carpenters return on Monday to finish of the frame work. Windows will go in Tuesday and the carpenters will finish up Wednesday. Bricks are also meant to arrive on Monday, when i asked where exactly they will go SS assured me the carpenters would have our roof off the ground prior to delivery so there will be room. Brick layers will start on Wednesday and take 1 - 2 weeks to complete all the brick work.

Considering not one thing so far has happened as scheduled I am not optimistic that this burst of productivity will actually eventuate.

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