Monday, 25 July 2011

Another Non event

We entered this past week with a busy schedule ahead. Roof trusses to be complete, windows in place and brick work to be started. We also approached the beginning of last week with very little enthusiasm, which it turns out was a good idea, as once again we only had one day of work on site. A large part of this was the fact that we had terrible weather however the 2 sunny days we had at the start of the week, were also very much a non event. The Carpenters were there first thing Monday, stayed for a couple of hours the went home sick as our SS informed us.

So here we stand today, still roofless and even more frustrated. A call from our SS on Friday advised me that the carpenters would be back first thing Monday to finish it off. I did not even ask about the brick work as at this point I don't even care.

On the bright side, they were there this afternoon and our roof appears to be well on it's way to completion. My pessimism is serving me well through this build so I continue to hold little hope that our piles of bricks will be on the move anytime soon

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