Friday, 8 July 2011

Progress is not an illusion, it happens, but it is slow and invariably disappointing - George Orwell

It was true in the 1930's and it is true today. Progress  never happens fast enough.

We were expecting framing to start on Tuesday this week, much to our delight it actually started on Monday. We took this as a good sign for the week to come. How naive are we! Monday was the first and last day any real work was done (Windows were delivered and have been sticky taped to the frame to prevent them blowing away and the lock was replaced after a week of being missing)

Spoke to the SS today who told me that due to the wind we have had over the last couple of days it was too dangerous to get the crane in to assemble the roof trusses and that by the time the wind had calmed there was no time to organise it. So we can expect the truck and the chippy there at 10am Monday morning to get the job started. If all goes well then we can expect the bricks on site by Friday.

During the week we paid a visit to out tile shop to confirm our choices for the flooring, vanities, basins and taps. We discovered the wrong taps were included and the ones they were supplying were hideous, so we have to wait and see if we can swap them back to our original choice that we made at Harvey Norman Commercial (the enormous trade store where we chose all of our appliances and fixtures). They did tell us that all of our other tiles were in store ready to go which was a little exciting.

It was nice to see the house taking shape and being able to have a walk through. We are hopeful that we will see the frame finished by the end of next week. Just need this crazy wind to ease off a little.

                                          Windows on site ready to go

                                                     1200mm Entry way

                                                        Lounge room

                                                  Dining, living area space

                                                  Looking inside from the alfresco

                                                                         Our kitchen

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