Thursday, 29 September 2011


The progress of the past week has been very pleasing and We once again find ourselves visiting the block with a certain level of excitment. We have seen the kitchen go in and it appears to be fully assembled. Just waiting on sinks benchtop and plumbing, laundry cabinets and bench have also been also installed, our pantry fit out has been done and it is amazing.

All the architraves and skirtings have been put on, linen and wardrobe shelving complete, power and light point holes done, doors all installed. Only disappointing thing is that we still do not have external doors. We are currently in pseudo lock up with a sheet of gyprock blocking the front door and anyone has access to the laundry.
 Pantry Shelving

 Island Bench

Just waiting for the benchtop

 Laundry installed without an external door

Skirtings and architraves complete

Not sure what to expect next but a call from our SS tomorrow should put us on the right track. Hoping that it will be as productive as this week.

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