Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The holes are beginning to show.........Literally!

So our roof went up in a few days and  we were told that gyprock was to be delivered on 29th and be installed on the 31st, it sounds like things are moving along smoothly. We had our inspector go out on Thursday to tell us there is no way gyprock should go ahead and that he had 50 different pictures of defects or incomplete works, the most serious issues involving the shocking job that has been done of our bricks.

We were told that "The bricks have not been cleaned yet and more incomplete joints will occur due to cleaning (ie. more areas of daylight when cleaned due to the nature of high pressure cleaning). I cannot see how the accredited certifier has passed the works. The frame itself requires further works to be compliant with AS. 1684 “Timber Framing Code”. There are other problems with the brickwork and built-in elements, water proofing not done properly, roofing not fixed with correct amount of screws."
When I contacted our builder his response was that both he and the SS knew about this before our inspector went on site. If you knew this why did we receive this email in regards to our request to hold off on the Gyprock:

"Your request is fine although we do not wish to hold the job up, insulation is due to be installed on the 30/08/11 with plaster board to be delivered on the 29/08/11 and to begin being nailed up on the 31/08/11"

The worst part about this is that when we asked the Owner of the company if he was happy with the brick work that had been completed, he said he was. Is this the standard we should continue to expect????

                                               All other window sills have been laid on an angle

We did not ask for this window

We also contacted a.b.c. the certifier that was supposed to sign off on the frame and wet area. When we went through the things that our inspector found his response was that he should go and have another inspection of our house. Not sure if he even had a look in the first place, he seemed a bit clueless.

This week we also had a call from the kitchen company, to confirm our fridge dimensions and to check on the revised plans for our island? We had already planned the kitchen months ago and it seems that someone has not measured the plumbing properly and it does not line up with where we had planned on having the sink. We don't want to change the plans, so I guess another few days will be wasted trying to sort that one out.
Cavity doors in the process of being installed

Missed a spot

Frayed edges to the fiberglass

Place looks like a dump

These sort of delays should not be happening. We are paying good money for this house but seem to be having a lot of  head aches int the process and we don't think these will be the last.

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