Sunday, 14 August 2011

Busy Times

Sorry for the slight delay from our usual weekly update but the stress levels have been high and blogging has been low on the priority list. Where to start with the last 2 weeks??

Our bricks, almost 3 weeks on are still not finished. Despite the fact that the perfect weather we were hoping on did actually stick around. There are a few dodgy bricks around which we have brought up with the SS who tells us that he has not had a chance to look at them yet, even though the neighbours told us he was there looking at them a week ago. Really not happy about this, every house that started either at the same time as us or even the neighbours which started 3 weeks after ours, are now well ahead of ours. They do not even bother giving us excuses anymore and we have really had enough. 26 weeks is looking like a long shot.

We have also had countless dramas this week with our bank processing a progress payment for our construction loan. After 2 weeks, over a dozen phone calls, 2 customer complaints and the builder on our back, the payment was finally made, their excuse - Administration error. I Can tell you right now ANZ if the builder tries to slap us with a late payment fee, it is coming out of your pocket not mine!

When this whole process started we had made the decision to have independent inspections to verify that all work had been completed to code. When we first mentioned this to our builder during the Tender process it was brushed off very quickly. A week or so ago contacted a really helpful man named Andrew Connor from local company IBAS. We informed One Three that we wanted him on site. This was their reply:

"In regards to the below mentioned private inspector, he will need to make an appointment in the office to carry out a site induction before any access is gained onsite. We will also need a copy of workers compensation and public liability held by this inspector "

"Please note any correspondence received by IBAS is for your records and your records only as One Three Designer Homes enlist Accredited Building Certifiers to undertake the private certifying of the building works and they are the only people One Three Designer Homes use and acknowledge"

Is it just me or does it sound like they really do not want Andrew on site. Has anyone else ever used a private inspector and come across this reaction? Even our inspector was shocked and he does this for a living. Needless to say the inspection will definitely be going ahead now and i guarantee if there is anything in that house that is not built to code. They will be listening.
Over the next week we are hoping our inspector will get on site. Bricks will be finished at some point over the week. The roof will start Tuesday regardless of whether the brickies are finished or not. Electrical wiring will hopefully start this week (yet another drama that i will save for the next blog) although we are not confident.

Bricks are looking good but still not finished. Hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday they will be
 (photo is a few days old)

Plumbing and gas rough ins look complete

Dodgy brick on the porch which is still to be addressed

Porch support underway.

This house is moving very slowly and has so far been stressful and tiring. Not at all the process I was hoping for. Today someone looking to build asked me if i would recommend One Three. My reply, ask me in 6 months, for now - not a chance!


  1. Hi guys, just thought I'd let u know that I built thru these guys when they operated under John Carson homes, then Carson homes then Carson designer homes. The name change 3 times in 6 months.

    We stopped in on our block one day and in talking to the painter found out that our plumbers had walked off the job, along with tilers and painters as they were not being paid.

    We finished 3 months behind schedule and it certainly did not rain for 3 months. We had a fantastic ss, who was the only thing positive about our build. He has since left the company, no being owed money as well.

    Our finished product is great, but it took a lot of riding and blood sweat and tears. Stay on to them and do not get the keys until u are 100% satisfied as they will not come back once they are paid, regardless of promises!

    Beats me how the same company can declare bankrupt twice and keep popping back up,

    1. hi jodieairy

      We have actually been in the house for a few months now and while they did come back to fix a few issues there is still a long list outstanding problems, we of course expect this will be the case for a very long time to come. I am so sorry to hear that you too had a terrible building process but I can not say that i am surprised. I have been contacted by so many of their customers past and present as a result of this blog and by all reports i am astounded that they are still in business. Had we have known about the Beechwood and Carson homes issues we never would have built with them and i most definately would never reccomend them.

      I am glad you enjoy your new home just as we do ours.